Sr. React Native Engineer | Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


Our Story

KiranaKart is Mumbai’s fastest-growing instant grocery delivery app with plans to

expand nationally soon! We’re building better technology to acquire market share in

this unconquered, but massive, industry.

We’re a Y Combinator startup and we’re backed by some of the most respected

investors in Silicon Valley (currently in semi-stealth mode). Our founders are Stanford

students who returned to India once KiranaKart started taking off. Besides a bunch of

credentials, we’re young, ambitious, and we get shit done.

Your Role

Before we jump into the technical jargon, let’s talk about the actual person behind

the code. We’re looking for a team-player that’s excited by the adventure of a

rapidly-scaling startup. A creator that’s passionate about delighting real users by

building quickly and thoroughly. Most importantly, we value people with an

unrelenting drive and a tendency to question convention. Essentially, we’re searching

for someone that dreams of disrupting an industry, not working at a large

corporation for 25+ years.

In terms of hard skills, we need a talented React Native developer, well-versed in

building performant mobile apps on both iOS and Android platforms. Ideal

candidates will have experience scaling codebases, shipping frequent updates

based on customer feedback, and creating fluid user interfaces.

Our frontend tech stack includes: React Native, Redux, TypeScript, JavaScript (ES6+),

Webpack, Jest, Axios, and AWS.


- Architect, build and maintain excellent React Native applications for both

sides of our marketplace: customers and Kirana stores.

- Take ownership of a new product feature and build it end-to-end.

- Enhance existing frontend tools, workflows, and architecture.

- Organize the internal code architecture and dependencies.

- Build high-quality, smooth UIs that feel native.

- Write automated tests to weed out potential bugs and errors for users

- Clearly document your work and decision-making processes.

- Understand and solve issues related to slow loading, security, response time,

scalability, and user engagement.

Desirable Skills and Experiences

- Comfortable with implementing mobile development paradigms, patterns,

and best practices.

- Familiarity with native build tools, like XCode, Gradle, Android Studio.

- Experience with automated unit and integration testing suites, like Jest.

- Strong understanding of REST APIs, the document request model, and

asynchronous fetching.

- Experience using multiple open-source libraries, built for React Native.

- Some knowledge of benchmarking and optimization techniques for improving


- Strong design sense to assist in improving UI/UX components and app layouts

(Bonus Points if you have experience in graphic design).

Why Join Us?

Besides the experience, excitement, and career boost that comes with working at a

rocketship startup, there are also major hard benefits to joining KiranaKart. For

starters, we’ll be offering you a competitive cash salary (roughly between 27 to 33

lakhs per year).

More importantly, we’ll be offering generous equity compensation with significant

upside (minimum starting package of shares worth 15 lakhs, which would

substantially increase based on value-added). So, that puts our total starting

compensation at 42 to 48 lakhs.

As an early member of our team, we’ll also be offering you a senior position as our

startup grows - along with additional perks on the way!

Get in touch!

- Email us with a short bio and resume: careers@kiranakart.app

- Feel free to call or WhatsApp us for quicker replies! Our number is


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