Fintech Terminology / Glossary / Dictionary - H

Horizontal Market

Horizontal Market is a market that is present in a wide range of industries. A business operating in a horizontal market will have consumers and purchasers across different sectors of the economy. So we can say it is a non-specialized market that covers a wide range of industries. For example office supplies market is a horizontal market as it sells to all types of industries.

Hashing codes

Hashing is a technique used in computer science and cryptography to convert data of arbitrary size into a fixed-size value, known as a hash code or hash value. 

In the context of fintech (financial technology), hashing codes generally refer to the use of cryptographic hash functions to generate fixed-size, unique codes or checksums from variable-size input data. Hashing is a fundamental concept in computer science and cryptography, and it serves various purposes in fintech applications, including security, data integrity, and digital signatures.

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