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Gazelle company

The term "Gazelle company" does not refer to a specific type of company or business model. Instead, it is a term often used in the context of entrepreneurship and business growth to describe a certain type of fast-growing, dynamic, and innovative small or medium-sized enterprise (SME). The concept of a "Gazelle company" is not tied to any particular industry but rather to the company's growth trajectory and characteristics. Some of the key characteristics of a Gazelle company are: Rapid Growth, Innovation, Job Creation, Entrepreneurial Leadership, Market Expansion, Access to Capital


Geolocation, short for "geographic location,"  is the physical location of an individual or digital device. Geolocation also refers to the process of determining and specifying the physical location of a device or an object using various technologies and data sources. Geolocation is widely used in modern technology for a variety of purposes, including mapping, navigation, tracking, and location-based services. 

Ghost cards

Ghost cards in the context of fintech and banking typically refer to virtual or temporary payment cards. These are also known by other names like "virtual cards," "disposable cards," or "single-use cards." Ghost cards are essentially digital representations of credit or debit cards that can be used for specific transactions or purposes. A ghost credit or debit card allows businesses to generate random card and CVV numbers codes for their purchases. These virtual ghost cards help track expenditures effectively as they have preset limits and are used only with specific vendors.

Good Funds 

Good funds considered equivalent to cash and guaranteed to be available upon demand. It refer to money that has been verified and is free from any uncertainty or delay. In various financial contexts, such as real estate transactions or wire transfers, it ensures that the funds being used are legitimate and won't lead to payment issues like bounced checks. Typically, good funds are in the form of cashier's checks, certified bank checks, wire transfers, or other secure and verified payment methods. This concept helps ensure the smooth and secure exchange of money in financial transactions.

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