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AVOID Vague Buzzwords and Clichés

Vague buzzwords and overused clichés offer no substance and fail to grab attention. Here's a breakdown of how to tackle them:


  • Meaningless fluff: Clichés like "team player" and "hard worker" paint a generic picture, offering no insights into your specific skills and achievements.
  • No differentiation: They blend you into a crowd of other applicants, failing to highlight your unique value proposition.


  • Original: "Highly motivated team player with excellent communication skills." (Unremarkable)
  • Correction: "Increased team project efficiency by 20% through clear and concise communication strategies, fostering collaboration and open dialogue." (Specific and impactful)

Tips for Rephrasing:

  1. Action verbs: Replace passive descriptions with powerful verbs that showcase your initiative and contribution. (e.g., "managed," "spearheaded," "developed")
  2. Quantifiable results: Back up your claims with numbers, percentages, or metrics to demonstrate the impact of your actions. (e.g., "increased sales by 15%," "reduced bugs by 10%")
  3. Specificity: Don't just say "excellent communication skills"; provide examples of how you used them effectively in different situations.
  4. Tailor to the role: Align your skills and achievements with the specific requirements of the position you're applying for.
  5. Keywords: Use relevant keywords from the job description throughout your resume to get past applicant tracking systems and grab the recruiter's attention.


  • Honesty and authenticity are key. Don't exaggerate or fabricate achievements.
  • Proofread carefully to ensure clarity, conciseness, and professionalism.

By replacing vague buzzwords with concrete examples and impactful language, you'll create a resume that stands out and effectively communicates your unique value proposition.

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